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Hey Sweetpeas!
I'm Maria, I'm 20, live in Sydney and am President of the Macquarie MacMarauders Quidditch Team. I'm a foodie and bit of a wine snob. I like gold and sparkles and serial killers, I like fancy clothes and video games and quidditch, I like cosplay and action movies and being the center of attention. I like a lot of things...
Currently doing a Bachelor of Business Admin and Games and Interactivity as well as a Diploma in Polish Language at Mac U.
My life is like my blog, a range of interests.

So last night I went to a masquerade ball hosted by UNSW’s Quidditch Team. Today I did an interview for uni radio about quidditch in general. I got asked the typical question of “how did you get into this?” and to be honest 90% of people who play have a similar answer, they had a friend who played or they stumbled upon it at uni and gave it a try, whatever. They really need to start asking “what makes you keep coming back?”
Quid Kids. Seriously, the sport is good but its the people that play that make it amazing. 

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